Youth baseball programs are becoming more competitive than ever. Players are practicing more often, joining more leagues and pushing harder to attain their goals. This means more athletes are spending practice time at baseball facilities throughout the United States and internationally. Facilities are growing as fast as they can and now need to provide top of the line grounds for their players. One of the most important portions of any facility is the baseball netting. This provides a multitude of uses throughout the facility and enables players to practice at the top of their game. But where can your facility install baseball netting and batting cage netting to improve your facility performance? Here are some tips!

Improved Batting Cages

Hitting is always a huge focus for athletes, so updating your batting cages can help you manage athletes at your facility, while keeping many off the field. This helps reduce the wear and tear on your diamond and can help coaches manage the hitting of players as well. Our batting cage enclosures can be lined up together to create a true box-style complex indoors or outdoors. Having both available can ensure that you have enough for all in attendance and help athletes practice even when the conditions outside won’t allow.

Extended Foul Ball Netting

If your facility already has the standard required netting, but you seem to still have safety issues with fans and athletes, you are not alone. Many facilities are facing the facts that youth baseball players are getting faster and stronger, which means their hit power is growing too. It is not just the singles and doubles you need to worry with now, but the power of their foul balls. These can be launched with great force into grandstands and dugouts and injure an unsuspecting fan or player. Extended foul ball netting can reduce the chances of injury at your facility and make the overall experience of fans and players better as well.

Bullpen Netting

If your facility does not have an enclosed bullpen already, this may be a great investment to consider. Bullpen netting enables pitchers to warm up near or next to the field without the worry of a foul ball or homerun shot coming into their area. Moveable barriers or permanent bullpens can be created for your facility’s use. Moveable barriers are very useful for those who are looking for multiple uses from netting, but need the ability to be mobile at the diamond.
These are just a few ideas to inspire your facility to compete with the best youth baseball groups by installing superior baseball netting throughout your facility. Learn more today about baseball netting and batting cage netting from Golf Range Netting!

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