Drone technology is quickly becoming one of the most popular recreational activities for adults and teens today. The growth of drones has created clubs, drone parties and even national competitions. Although you may think of drones only as a recreational item, drones are actually being used widely by private sector businesses and the government in a wide variety of functions that are jaw-dropping. Here are some of the amazing ways businesses use drones for commercial use:

Electrical Review

Instead of putting lineman in danger by climbing each individual electrical pole to assess for issues, electric companies are now using drones to conduct many of their routine maintenance checks and keep their men on the ground. Electricians are now being trained to use drones to view poles for issues using on-board cameras, reducing the safety concerns.

Crop Surveillance

Farmers are now able to routinely check their crop growth and safety without fighting the elements or increased labor. Farmers can survey growth with ease and also keep an eye out for danger such as wild animals, trespassers or areas with disease.

Amazon Prime Air

Yep, it is finally happening. Coming to the skies near you, your Amazon Prime package. This may create one of the busiest drone sectors in the next few years and create numerous job opportunities throughout the United States for drone fans.


Whether you are a fan or not, drones can be used for police surveillance, making officers available for more calls and able to scan a larger area with less man-power.

How Can You Practice?

Are you a fan of recreational or commercial drone use? How can you safely practice using drones? Simple. Drone Enclosure Netting can create an area where drone lovers can practice their skills for any type of use. This netting is durable and has the strength to keep your drone in the practice field while keeping spectators and handlers safe. Drone flight schools use drone enclosures to help teach and assist employees who will be handling drones on a regular basis become proficient with their drones and know how to handle the drone safely.

Think your business or club can benefit from drone enclosure netting? Golf Range Netting is the country’s leading provider of drone netting installation. We are available to quote and install throughout the United States and internationally. Learn more today!

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