Sports is something that we as Americans can all agree on. Everyone loves our national pastimes with a passion, as can be seen in the ever-growing revenue sources sports are to the economy. More and more Americans are becoming actively engaged in participating in baseball, football, golf, soccer and more. The more people trying to play, the more we need sports complexes that can handle the wide variety of skill levels throughout the country. More complexes are now updating and renovating their facilities to actively improve the skills of athletes. One way they are doing this is by installing new sports netting. You are probably thinking, “How does this actually improve the athlete and spectators?” Great Question! Here are some of the ways your facility can use sports netting to improve the experience of all who visit.


Baseball Safety

America’s original pastime. Everyone loves to spend a Saturday night at the ballfield catching their favorite baseball team or family member on the diamond. Well, it seems that is increasingly becoming dangerous. High-power hitters are swinging their bats even faster and stronger than ever. That is fine as long as the ball heads over the fence, but when it goes foul towards unexpecting fans, you can have a real hazard on your hands. Adding netting to areas most likely to receive an influx of foul balls can help keep fans and players safe throughout the game.


Field Goals

Even with the field goal starting line backing up 10 yards, field goals are pretty much a guaranteed extra point or 3 point conversion. The NFL has the money and ability to replace balls if they go through the goalposts and into the hands of fans, but many middle schools, high schools and colleges do not. How do you keep hold of your footballs to reduce costs and continue the game at an acceptable rate? Sports Netting. Sports Netting easily allows your facility to keep track and get back footballs that may be lost to the crowd or would need to be found in a parking lot!


Golf Course Woes

We’ve all been at the range or playing a round of 18 and lose a large amount of golf balls. That is the nature of the sport. You hit it into the trees never to be found into drainage ponds where friendly reptilians may be waiting. But that doesn’t have to be the case at your facility. Adding Golf Range projects like sports netting to driving ranges, forested areas and in or around water accesses can save golf balls from going into the drink and costing your patrons more money. Not only does this save patrons money, but keeps homes, people and cars safe from wild balls making a dent on their lives.
Ready to upgrade your facility to state of the art sports netting for safety and ROI? Golf Range Netting offers a wide variety of sports facility solutions that can improve the experience and athletic growth at your facility. Learn more today!

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