Barrier Netting


Picture the following scene:

It’s a warm summer day, and the stadium is filled with game-hungry fans. They are shouting and cheering on their favorite team.

While the divided fans may be rooting for opposing teams, they have two things that they share: the love of the game and the safety and security of barrier netting.

A few hundred miles away, a putter is lining up his club as his companions silently poke jabs at his form. They too have the peace of mind and benefit of barrier netting that is virtually invisible—and because of this, they can enjoy the green.

Barrier netting is a flexible and durable solution that keeps fans, sporting spectators, pedestrians, workers, and buildings safe. It also diminishes management risk and liability.

In other words, it kills two birds with one stone.

The need for these nearly-invisible barriers is great. More and more superintendents have come to understand this over the past few years. They begin seeking a barrier netting company to provide a solution for their facilities.

Often, these superintendents wind up turning to under-qualified and ill-equipped netting installation companies. These companies offer cheap materials that are not only low-quality, but can also be damaging to a property manager’s pockets.

That means costly equipment repairs, replacements, and misleading warranties.

The quality of materials used in the netting system industry varies greatly. It can often be the weak link that results in a costly upkeep or replacement.

But we’ll tell you upfront so you don’t have to worry:

Golf Range Netting only uses high quality materials.

Our barrier netting

We use polyester or nylon netting in a variety of gauges and configurations, depending on the specific application. Our netting is UV stabilized and jet died all the way through to prevent fading.

Our hardware

We use appropriately gauged, galvanized wire that is specifically engineered for netting support.

Many of our competitors opt for aircraft cable instead. Aircraft cable is not designed for netting installations…

…so, as you can imagine, it won’t do the trick.

We use galvanized snaps for securing netting to support poles, unless the installation is near salt water. In this case, we recommend stainless steel snaps. Many other companies use zinc-plated snaps, which corrode and rust.

We also use galvanized double and triple helix square shaft screw anchors. Depending on the application, we drill between 14 feet and 50 feet into the ground to ensure that the support poles remain secure.

Our support poles

We offer a full range of high quality support pole options, including wood poles, steel poles, concrete poles, and fiberglass poles…

…and our support poles are always brand new.

We will assess your specific netting design, height requirements, and environment. Then, we will recommend the most cost effective support pole option for you.

Our warrantybarrier-netting

Our warranty is extensive and comprehensive.

And this means that we guarantee ALL of our materials and equipment. Whereas our competitors only stop at guaranteeing the UV coating on the netting, we go the full distance. The galvanized wires, the support poles, the netting, and everything else are covered by the warranty, guaranteed.

To learn more about what to avoid and what to look for when searching for custom barrier netting options, give us a call for a free consultation. We will gladly determine the best options for your needs and your budget.