Baseball Lighting

baseball lighting

Superior Baseball Field Lighting Solutions from “Golf Range Netting”
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Benefits of Baseball Field Lighting

Quality baseball field lighting is a great way to safely extend the beneficial use of recreational property. And while there is a perception that athletic field lighting is very expensive, it is much more economical than you might expect. This is particularly true of athletic field lighting by “Golf Range Netting” where you get superior materials and installation without the overhead associated with other companies. We offer the only guarantee in the industry that covers all materials and installation.

Some Things You Should Know About Athletic Field Lighting

There is more to baseball field lighting than just installing lights. Providing a safe, effective, efficient, and community friendly lighting solution requires experience and attention to detail. Here are some things to think about when selecting a lighting solution for your baseball or athletic field:

  • Quality Lighting Equipment
    • We Use the highest quality manufacturer of lighting such as “Hubble” (same as the telescope) lights and equipment, for unmatched quality and durability.
  • Planning
    • We conduct an in-depth evaluation to design the best solution for your situation.
    • We provide mock-ups and diagrams that demonstrate how the lights will look on the fields that can be used to present to community boards.
    • We design lighting systems that minimize “spillage” or light extending into surrounding neighborhoods.
    • We develop plans that are as efficient as possible.
  • GuaranteeGuaranteed 100%
    • “Golf Range Netting” provides the most comprehensive guarantee in the industry, covering all materials and installation processes.
    • Cost

    • We use the same high quality lighting equipment offered by major competitors at lower cost due to lower overhead.

Integrating Baseball and Athletic Field Lighting with Barrier Netting Solutions

In addition to providing high quality athletic field lighting, “Golf Range Netting” is the premier barrier netting installation company. By using the same company to provide athletic field lighting and barrier netting you can save on costs while improving quality and durability. The same high quality poles can be used to support both barrier netting and lighting and using one vendor saves time and money.

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